We are HS Fitness — a team of homeschooling families and former homeschoolers committed to inspiring healthier, more connected families within our homeschooling community.

We are currently developing fun, friendly, AND engaging comprehensive online fitness training.

Our program is being designed with your family in mind:

  1. Self-paced and simple lessons
  2. Easy to do at home (or at the park!)
  3. Engaging videos to teach proper form
  4. And it’s all designed to be portable!

We are so excited! We hope you are too. Here is how you can help:

  1. Check out our video on www.hs.fitness
  2. Sign up on our email list (don’t worry, you won’t be added to any spam lists!)
  3. Tell your friends and family!

Together, we can build a healthier — and more fun — homeschooling community!

The HS Fitness Team

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